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Would you like to be an integral part of something new, challenging and extremely rewarding?

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Northfield Consulting Group is a rapidly growing consultancy in the dynamic fields of data quality and data management. For years, enterprises have made significant investments in Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationships Management, Business Intelligence, Business Process Reengineering and other core technologies and disciplines. Yet, the intended benefits have not been fully realized. What many failed to fully appreciate was the critical importance of data quality as a key enabler of new systems and processes. But all of that is changing. With the continued evolution of data quality and data management technologies and applications, and the emergence of firms specializing in data quality consulting services, enterprises are beginning to appreciate the value of quality data as another lever to achieve operational effectiveness and competitive advantage. Northfield Consulting Group is well positioned to be a driving force in the growth and evolution of the industry.

We are looking for energetic, experienced professionals with a demonstrated track record and a driving passion for excellence. To see a full listing of Northfield Consulting Group career opportunities that are available, visit our Careers Site.

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